I passed the PMP exam on my first try last week, I give Michael Haupt and his PMK Academy Boot Camp in Pomona a large share of the credit for this accomplishment.   The class was intensive, well organized and kept us focused on what would be important for the exam. Michael has the right balance to always keep it interesting.


This along with his exam tips proved right on the mark and invaluable for the exam. Michael has a great attitude and was always willing to take the time to help us understand in detail the PMBOK and the course materials.


I also enlisted Michael for some refresh tutoring a few months prior to the exam since I was not able to take the PMP exam shortly after the class due to work and travel.  He was very accommodating and flexible with the schedule.  I was able to gain even a deeper knowledge than before.


This training exceeded previous PMP exam training that I had in Minnesota when I first became a PMP.  I highly recommend the PMK Boot Camp and their tutoring to anyone.

James McGowan, Palm Desert, CA

Thank you for taking the time to facilitate the PMP Boot Camp and going even further by making yourselves available for one on one tutoring (that was a humbling experience, but a valuable eye opener that contributed to success).
Any way you put it, the PMP Exam is not easy and brings with it levels of stress I did not anticipate.  While there is a plethora of “crash courses” online and available via other media, nothing beats the face to face time of the PMP Bootcamp.  I especially found it helpful to hear immediate feedback about a topic, to hear it applied to real life scenarios (something much of the online training I’ve seen seems to lack), and to hear the alternative ideas about how others in the boot camp understand a topic or have used it in the real world.
The reality is that the PMP exam is not designed to test what you can remember (because there is a lot to remember) but more about how you apply what you have learned to a given situation.  And, for me, the best way to learn how to apply knowledge is to talk it through with others that have applied it as well.
The PMP Boot Camp was well worth the investment for a number of reasons, but also for providing a structured approach to a lot of information and how it is applied.
Thank you again, I was able to pass the PMP on my first try. I recommend the PMP Boot Camp as one of the required prep tools to anyone that is about to take the exam.

David Everitt,

Thank you for the excellent instruction you provided to me at the PMP Boot Camp from October 24-26.  I have been trying to pass the PMP Exam for over 2 years and have taken the test 3 previous times.  I feel that the instruction I received, along with the excellent Velociteach materials, finally gave me the edge I needed to be successful.  I passed the exam on October 31 and am very proud to finally be PMI certified.  I am very appreciative to you and your teaching techniques that was the key to my ultimate success.


Best Regards,


Daniel H. Blandford, , PMP, CWI, CWE

I have been looking at various PMP® boot camps that provided on-site training that are within my budget, and worked with my busy work and home life. When I finally found one, I enrolled and had my reservations. Would I really get what I needed to help me pass the PMP® Exam? The answer was YES! The instructors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The materials were well presented and easy to follow. Many tips and tools were provided, various prep exams sites, and recommendations on how to prepare for the exam itself. Both instructors made themselves available to assist even after the course was completed. They were very supportive especially when I got chosen to be audited by PMI. Their positive feedback was definitely appreciated and their passion to help us pass the exam apparent in their actions. I have recommended them to my colleagues and will continue to do so. I truly believe that without their guidance and encouragement, I could not have passed the PMP® exam.


I had the great pleasure of participating in the PMI Inland Empire Chapter’s PMP Prep Class. The instructor, Michael, could not be a more motivating and inspiring leader and teacher of the PMBOK material. In just three days, he certainly gave me the tools, techniques and a strategy to learning the material I need to be successful. Also having a class of dedicated people around me aspiring to get the same certification helps. I was able to build a study group, and at least “phone a friend” whenever I ran into a point of question, so we could brainstorm and utilize the expert judgment readily available around us. I want to extend a big thank you to Michael and the PMI Inland Empire Chapter for putting together such a meaningful class and experience.”

Sammy G.,

Personally, I came into the boot camp with relatively minimal knowledge about Project Management. Irfan and Michael did an excellent job of breaking up the topics into easily digestible chunks. They spent time and energy on the important topics of Cost, Scope and Time and were ever patient in answering questions. All the exercises that we did during Cost, Time and Risk really helped to put the knowledge into a real world kind of scenario and see how it could apply. They were also very willing to answer questions and help after the camp during group study sessions and via email – it was very helpful to know that I could ask them to clarify all my doubts and gain confidence. The boot camp targets the exam very well, focusing on the main areas that the largest chunk of the exam tests. Irfan and Michael are very personable and knowledgeable experts on the subject of Project Management. I really appreciate all that the Boot camp did for me


Before I enrolled in the PMP® certification boot camp I was intimidated by the PMP® exam. After the first day, I knew I had chosen the right class. It was comprehensive, easy to follow and interesting. The instructors possessed excellent qualities; they were knowledgeable and engaging. They provided many examples that reinforced the fact that they were not just stating memorized facts from the PMBOK® Guide. There was not a question they could not answer and the training material they provided was simple to understand. Additionally, sample exams and valuable test-taking tips definitely helped me pass the exam. I will recommend this class to all my friends. A great value for the money!


Prior to enrolling in the PMP® boot camp, I had doubts about whether I really needed to attend the class prior to taking the exam since I believed I knew most of the material and had scored above 60% on all the sample exams I had taken. However, I decided to proceed with the enrollment to increase my chances of first time pass. This was the best choice I made and now when I look back, I’m not quite sure how well I would have done had I not taken the class….

The instructors were very knowledgeable, encouraging, motivated and provided several different sources of information and sample tests which enabled me to go to the exam being well prepared and very confident. The material was easy to comprehend, the fact that the classes were held on 2 weekends made it possible for me to participate with no impact on my work schedule. The classes were held in a very nice and convenient environment and overall, my experience exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend this class to all those who are planning on taking the PMP® exam!


The PMP Training was excellent! I feel more knowledgeable and confident.

Renee Scott,

Michael and Irfan are great instructors and demonstrate experience and knowledge of the material.

Ron Javier, NBC Universal